Christmas Window Decorations: Think Cordless Window Candles!

8th Nov 2013

Battery operated, flameless, cordless window candles make charming Christmas window decorations. 

A single or group of flameless LED candles in your windows says “welcome” to friends and family.  When viewed from the street, battery window candles shine like a beacon in the night.  Inside your home, they produce a warm and peaceful atmosphere.  Stylish and elegant!

Cordless window candles with LED lights are the modern way to decorate your windows.  No electrical cords dangling down, and no searching for the nearest electrical outlet.  And they’re safe:  no live flame to worry about, so no smoke, no soot and no wax drip. 

To make memorable Christmas window decorations, you can combine a battery powered window candle with garlands and wreaths, and even with other LED string lights. 

In addition to your own home, Christmas window decorations are a thoughtful idea for shut-ins, seniors, and anyone in the hospital, a retirement or nursing home.  A cordless window candle is an easy and convenient decoration.  With photo- sensor or timer feature, you can install the candle and know it will provide trouble-free on-off throughout the holiday season.  Flickering amber or warm white flameless candles are a comforting addition to any room. 

Add a color appropriate ribbon for someone fighting cancer or other disease, or in symbolic support of our troops. 

You’ll find a wide variety of cordless window candles on our website.  Single and three tier candles, with amber and warm white LED lights, flickering and solid-on flame.  Candles with timers and dusk to dawn photo sensors, LED candles that shine bright on the street-side, and warm glow inside your home.  And while cordless window candles make great Christmas window decorations, they look lovely elsewhere in your home, on tables, bookshelves, mantels and even as centerpieces.